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Dec 23, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> i think progressives should do nothing. steve schmidt, john mccain's campaign manager said if mitt romney lost the election, there would be civil war within the republican party. this is what we are seeing now. what was so weird about the last episode is this caucus was in a room which was virtually like fantasyland. they were arguing over a proposal that made no sense and that was going nowhere. it had -- they are like tearing each other apart over it. this is a party that not only i love your line where you said they weren't able to achieve partisanship. this is a party that is no longer capable of governing. >> right. >> you can't let them be part of the process if they are going to behave like that. >> that's the point. if they can't pass a bill that exempted $999,999 of increases, what can they do? >> i think it saved obama from himself. the deal he was offering to bear, to raise taxes on people making $400,000 was a really bad one, right? now we get to come back to a new congress. you know, what he needs to find is get the house democratic caucus in line and pick up 20 r
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am PST
arizona. john mccain, he went to the fight kraft hunger bowl and took this picture with a giant oreo. is this racist? >> it's just weird. unless he tweeted out and said he and obama, it would be racist. what the hell are you doing mccain? i feel like it's an old white dude saying hey, an oreo cookie. where is this oreo's birth certificate? >> it could have been quickly, but i don't think so. >> this isn't racist, this is delicious. yummy. >> we do in louisiana, we fry oreo's in batter and eat fried oreo's. it's quite delicious. thank you to molly, elan and jaime. more in a moment. right now, it is time for a preview or weekends with alex witt hosted by a black guy. >> oh my goodness. champaign, oreo cookies, a-hole thrown in there. i'm on the wrong show. i digress. good morning to you all. the house is back. the senate is back. everybody is back and the president is talking this morning. he's talking exclusively to "meet the press." we'll have details on what may be a small deal developing. also, what will not be in that deal. also, folks, looks like your taxes are going to go up in some
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2